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Benefit by learning the approaches and results of others using iVo Technology (Internet Video Overlay).

    1. See how a large auto dealer uses iVo to deliver customers and sales.
    2. See the impact on fund raising as a result of a "personal appeal" by using an iVo.
    3. See substantial increases in memberships for a business as result of iVo.
    4. See how a startup went from zero signed members to 544,365 in just one year!
        The owners demonstrated to themselves the impact of the iVo.
Volunteer your business for a case study. Requests are only reviewed upon iVo usage for a minimum of six months.

Case Study 1 - Impact on automotive dealerships

In an effort to revolutionize the auto purchasing experience, a single salesman began to work the Internet in order to make the process more friendly and efficient. His efforts were fueled by the negativity he received as a youth every time someone found out his dad was a dealership General Manager.

Within a couple of months, this young man’s sales had doubled over what he was doing previously and the buyers were exciting about showing up to the car lot. The system that he created worked so well he began to provide it to other dealerships and now services roughly 500 locations.

In an endless interest to enhance this process, he recognized iVo’s (Internet Video Overlay) potential to deliver a human touch to the research process. After 30 days of testing at a couple of dealerships, he immediately realized the conversion rate increases as sizeable. In a recent month (November 2009), a dealership using iVo (Internet Video Overlay) increased their leads by 130 which brought a net revenue increase for the month of $52,000.

Case Study 2 - Fund Raising

A Southwestern University booster club was looking for additional options in their pursuit to raise funds for the athletic teams. A website containing detailed information concerning their interest and need to help the teams was in place but donations were waning. Tough economic times called for additional creativity.

One of the directors discovered iVo (Internet Video Overlay) and decided to create a custom message briefly recapping the site’s information and the club’s goals. This message was delivered by a professional spokesperson and was on their website within days. The very first weekend brought contributions of over $10,000. The first month saw gifts totaling in excess of $30,000 and still counting.

Case Study 3 - New Members

A local fitness center was looking to create additional membership registrations online. They secured a webmaster to design and deliver a brand new website with interest in new sign ups. The webmaster had previous success with iVo (Internet Video Overlay) and recommended its use to facilitate better conversion rates. Initially, the site stood alone.

New registrations were in the single digits per week. The owners created some specific iVo messages and went to a local, certified iVo studio to record their message personally. Within days the iVo’s (Internet Video Overlay) were on their website and new registrations started pouring in.

After the iVo (Internet Video Overlay), online membership registrations have been averaging 10-15 DAILY. When asked if the iVo (Internet Video Overlay) was responsible for this increase, the owner commented on it being the only change they made. In one of his messages he invited people to stop in the gym and ask for him. He said many people stop in daily and do as he asked them to. (in the iVo)

Case Study 4 - Dramatic Growth

A new social networking site in London opened its web presence in January 2009. The site contained minimal information, beautiful graphics and a lead capture form. An iVo (Internet Video Overlay) was located on the home page with a spokesperson detailing the benefits of joining this community and the simple process to become a member.

Within the first month, nearly 100,000 individuals had joined. The conversion rates were approaching 20%. In an effort to reduce some expense with nearly one million people visiting the site monthly, the iVo (Internet Video Overlay) was placed in an on-demand play status.

Before that month was over, conversion rates were dropping so dramatically that they asked to have the message play immediately upon a visitor arriving to the site. The change was made instantly and the sign ups increased equally fast. With well over 500,000 (544,365 as of January 2010) members in the first months of the year, the community continues to grow and the iVo (Internet Video Overlay) continues to show.